Parks Inner Child Therapy

Inner Child therapy is a specifically structured but gentle approach to inner child healing and was created for adults who suffered emotional/physical or sexual abuse as children.

Using relaxation, visualisation and emotional release techniques powerful change can begin to take place as the client heals, becomes more balanced and begins to let go.

This then creates a foundation where the client can begin to take small or large steps to make long needed changes in their lives, changing aspects of their lives that have had a deterimental affect and need to be transformed.

Abuse is a devastating thing and often the problems associated can seem insurmountable, yet it can be overcome and resolved so it no longer hurts, makes you feel guilty or destroys your life.

Michelle Wolfe-Emery is infact living proof of this having healed her own emotional, physical and sexually abusive childhood.

Adults who have been abused as children are often afraid to seek help incase they are seen as 'bad' or feel in some way to blame for what happened.

As part of the healing process the client is helped to see and understand that the child was innocent - there are no exceptions to this - and the person responsible was the adult.