Keys To Freedom

A psycho-spiritual approach to inner child healing.

Publication date: November 2008 - Available for purchase from Amazon now.

A lively and compassionate mix of spiritual practice and inner child healing, psycho-spiritual healing is a partnership, a united force which can give us the life we dream of and allow us to be the person we were meant to be.

Keys to Freedom

Michelle Wolfe-Emery explains how most suffering is rooted in childhood, and if we are to relieve ourselves of struggle, tiredness, anxiety, depression, frustration and melodrama we must first look there.

To explain further up-to-date research and case studies are highlighted. These link adult issues and problems to the past which can span a whole childhood from the womb to adolescence.

Michelle also looks at the messages from spirit which enables inner child healing to gain progress and clarity, as spirit is constantly giving us clues to heal and find happiness.

Clear and easy to use exercises are given which help the reader trace current issues back to infancy, let go of negative feelings and resolve any problem in their life. Many of these exercises encompass the latest NLP techniques and analytical therapies.

In Keys to Freedom Michelle emphasises that we have not come here to suffer but to let our individual light shine and reach our highest potential. To do this we must heal our inner child, reconnect to spirit, let go of pain and struggle, and change our beliefs. Only then can we find the inner and outer peace we all seek.

"Michelle has accomplished perhaps one of the most difficult things faced by most authors and that is to bring insight to readers in a way that allows understanding to occur. Her personal input further compliments this book by highlighting the anguish caused by childhood traumas and gives guidance and assistance to resolving them."

Georges Philips,
The Institute of Analytical and Creative Thinking.

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